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Upcoming Underwater Hotel in Africa

This breath taking view came from the new design project called Beluga Concept which the author Jim Dobson told us the story about this Africa’s Futuristic Development Plans that has entered the market with a unique brand of Maritime Real Estate. This dramatic structures are independent and self-sustaining, and could soon become a trending hospitality development that will change the face of tourism forever.



Beluga floating business center and offices

Not just the surface this new innovative solutions have now reduced costs while keeping the highest quality and safety for customers. According to AmédéeSantalo, well-known concept designer of this projectssaid that one of the developers asked him to think about a solution to have luxury yachts on the lakes so he thought of making something that could be delivered by containers and assembled on site. “This new luxury product was created specifically for remote places in Africa where we are in discussion with Kenya, Tanzania. Zanzibar, La Reunion Island, and Madagascar.”



Beluga floating hotel rooms


BELUGA 1900-600 is a yacht without an engine and a middle range project designed specifically for the hotel industry with a separate room and large kitchen. A beautiful suite with a separate bedroom and living room were included for extended families with a small additional room that can accommodate two children.




BELUGA 3000-700 is a floating villa design featuring one master bedroom on top and two bedrooms on the main deck. All rooms include full en-suite bathrooms with a living space. Energy for the villa is provided from solar panels, water treatment, and a desalinization plant according to the location for water supply with a full black water treatment system. The house is self-sufficient and can be delivered in 6 months with an estimated starting price of $600,000.

Triton design floating hotel room



Floating villa by Beluga Concept



Imagine living in a giant aquarium with exotic fish swimming around you. Beluga Concept is currently working on underwater projects to offer the hospitality market new hotel possibilities. The planned Sea Star Hotel and Spa is designed to be placed in shallow water. The perfect location for such projects is on any crystal lagoon or artificial lake created for the purpose.

Sea Star Hotel and Spa design




The Floating Diamonds Suite from Beluga Concept includes 151.5 m2 of living space with an underwater master suite and bathroom with dramatic view windows. The diamond shaped villas will have five anchors to ensure full stability and the bottom of the module will store the clean and dirty water which will create proper balance and even more stability.

Diamond underwater villa design




Floating Islands is one of the biggest challenges today in the water real estate business. Beluga Concept has designed two kinds of islands, and they want to provide these for yacht owners or tourists looking for new sensations. The islands will be fully equipped including restaurants with some of them incorporating an underwater lounge bar.

Beluga Floating Island concept



Blue Frontiers Floating City concept in Polynesia


Floating cities have been proposed by designers for years as researchers all over the world search for a solution to the expected effects of climate change and land scarcity. While the number of concept designs and designs for floating cities is remarkable.